about us

I train clients for road and cyclocross and my specialty is mountain biking.

Beyond training I can help you set your suspension and fit.  Need custom shim stacks? No problem!  You don't know what that is?  No problem either.  I will teach you what to look for while riding so you will know what to adjust on your bike to keep your tires glued to the turns for each different course and different weather conditions. 

Jeff Rupnow

Coach // Columbus, Ohio


  • Short and Long Course mountain biking Racing, Endurance Road Riding, Endurance Mountain Biking Racing


  • Training Programs, Consultation, Mental Coaching, Testing, Nutrition


  • Elite Mountain Bike Development, Master Athletes, Working Athletes, Developing Training/Work Ethic, Managing Fatigue


  • Jeff Rupnow is a USA Cycling certified coach residing in Columbus, Ohio. He eats, sleeps, and breaths training, coaching, bikes and riding. If he is not thinking of ways to make athletes or himself faster, he is probably asleep, dreaming about bikes.  Jeff has been a cycling enthusiast since childhood and has over 24 years of competition experience in mountain bike racing, car road racing, boat racing, and RC Car racing. He has a passion for fine tuning everything both bikes and body, evaluating power meter files, extracting the best out of athletes, and an all out love of competition.