Evolution Training Cycles helps athletes define their goals and then develops personalized training plans to reach those goals. Workouts with instructions are then sent daily through Training Peaks that are designed to reach those goals in the most efficient way possible. I work closely with each athlete to manage their fatigue and protect them against burnout and overtraining which can happen easily with us highly motivated individuals.

You may be able to slowly get better at cycling by just winging it and riding a bunch but if you really want to become great you have to follow a plan. Working with you I will design that plan. There are no shortcuts to being fit, you have to put in the work. But you have to put in the right work at the right time and I will help you do that. These plans have to be flexible though. You can't just get a cookie cutter plan and expect it to fit in seamlessly with your life. That is where I come in with your own custom plan blended perfectly into your family, work, and personal schedule. Have an unexpected day off, or need a certain day off every week? No problem we will schedule around those and update your workouts so you are always getting the best workout possible for each day and the least amount of time is wasted between you and greatness.


Coaching plans have just been restructured.

The big changes are:

-There is no more level 4

-Prices have been reduced with Level 2 and 1

-Level 1 now comes with a TrainerRoad subscription

 Level 3: $90.00 per month and there are currently no spots open. This plan uses the basic version of Training Peaks.  This means that you will not be able to see and break down all your own training metrics.  Your coach will still be able to do that though.

Level 2 $110.00 per month and this is the most popular plan.  You will have premium version of Training Peaks to see all your own training metrics.  There is also more communication available directly with your coach. 

Level 1 $175 per month.  With this service you will have unlimited communication with your coach and Training Peaks Premium.  This plan also comes with a TrainerRoad account.

Evolution Training CyclesPhilosophy

Level 3Level 2Level 1
 Spots OpenNo
 Initial Review Custom PlanYesYesYes
 Power Profile Analysis, Training Analysis YesYesYes
 Interactive Data Analysis With Coach2-30 Minute3-30 MinuteUnlimited
 Training Plan Edits3 Per Month4 per MonthUnlimited
 Email And Text With Coach16 Per Month      Unlimited     Unlimited
 Training Peaks Premium
 Workouts Emailed DailyYesYesYes
 Online Calender ViewYesYesYes
 TrainerRoad AccountNoNoYes
 Monthly Fee$90.00$110.00$175.00
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